Writer's Block: What I'm Reading This Summer.

Which summer read will be in your beach bag?

Queer Mobilizations: LGBT Activists Confront The Law (Mary Bernstein, Anna-Maria Marshall, and Scott Barclay)

The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence (Gavin De Becker)

Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times (Jasbir Kaur Puar)

The Ethical Slut (Dossie Easton and Catherine Liszt)

Shades of Gray (Jasper Fforde)

City of Saints and Madmen (Jeff Vandermeer)

Oblivion (David Foster Wallace)

(You should go read all of these right now.)

Friends cut!

 Sorry, dudes. Not that I don't like you, I'm just KINDA BIZZ-AY and I am sick and tired of having to read through six hundred pages of friends list every time I log on. :D KISSES.


Because I decided I have too much free time, I am now participating in a couple of different public interest volunteering organizations, including New York Cares Day and NY Civil Rights' Unlearning Stereotypes. Want to support these totally awesome things? If you live in NYC, you can volunteer along with me for either or both! If you don't, you can still get your warm fuzzies for the day by donating to my school's NYCD team! Here's my link:


Even a dollar or two will help us reach our goal, and the money is going to fund the NYCD event on October 17th, at which we'll be revitalizing over 100 public schools in the city area. If you donate, you'll feel awesome about yourself. Get your venti mocha frappucino at Dunkin' Donuts instead of Starbucks today and give the balance to NYCD!

On a more personal note, school is still awesome, Contracts class is still boring, I'm still rocking out all over the city, and turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado still makes a damn good sandwich.